OutlineOkayama University’s SDG Action Guidelines

Okayama University’s SDG Action Guidelines


 Okayama University’s SDG Action Guidelines

In both principle and practice, Okayama University is dedicated to realizing the Sustainable Development Goals and to leading the way in creating a sustainable society for all.


Okayama University's SDG Action Guidelines

  1. The SDGs represent some of the greatest challenges facing humanity. Okayama University helps fulfill its part of the mission of contributing to the continual evolution of human society through the development of new paradigms and the creation of new and ever more insightful forms and applications of knowledge.
  2. As a member of both the regional Okayama community and the global community, Okayama University recognizes its obligations and responsibilities to both.
  3. The SDGs are reflected in the university's efforts in the fields of education, research, and direct contribution to society.
  4. Through education, Okayama University is contributing to the achievement of the SDGs through developing the human resources of tomorrow.

                                                                                                                      November 13, 2017

Okayama University's History


The Shizutani School: Japan's first school open to commoners was founded in the domain of Okayama.

A school founded on Confucian principles to provide a base of education to the masses in Okayama

The Shizutani School was founded by Lord Ikeda Mitsumasa as a place for Okayama samurai, commoners and local officials alike to recieve an education. Okayama University continues this tradition of community teaching and support through medical and cultural education. 


The sixth High School, Okayama's first, was founded on classical principles in accordance with Japan's educational reform.

Famous alumni in politics, law, finance and public office

In about 1900, Japan instituted a major educational reform, requiring that everyone be educated through high-school. Okayama created the three-year The sixth high school, with academic subjects divided according to the classical system. Today, Okayama University's courses in law and literature, the sciences, and the liberal arts mirror the divisions in this historic high school.


The domain of Okayama founded a medical college, which eventually grew into Okayama University's present school of medicine.

Minister of Education Mori Arinori praises Okayama's medical school as the best in Kansai


Okayama's public medical school was among the first in the nation. Many great medical advances were produced here. Of course, graduating from the school was quite a challenge, but it garnered a top-class reputation. People began to consider Okayama's school as a Western Japanese rival to Tokyo University in the East. 


A narmal school was founded in Okayama during the Second World War.

Restoration and revival of war-damaged buildings

Okayama's teacher training program dates back to 1874. In 1943, it was nationalized to become the start of the local department of education. At the same time, the local boys' and girls' schools were integrated into one larger school separated into boys' and girls' divisions.


A teacher's college for young men  specialists' school was founded

Okayama's private men's and women's teacher training colleges were nationalized by a school reform bill. The new colleges ended up forming the base of of Okayama University's education department.


Okayama University's Department of Agriculture was founded with two regular courses: one in agriculture and one in horticulture.

As part of the educational reforms extending from the last years of World War Two through the early postwar period, Okayama started a vocational school for agricultural students.


Okayama University was founded by the National School Establishment Law.

Okayama University's foundation amidst the background of postwar higher education reform and push for the establishment of various universities 


Okayama University was founded around the kernel of the medical school, which bundled together all the various local schools: the teacher training program, the agricultural technical school, the high school, and the general school. Together, they established Okayama University with a Faculty of Law and Literature, a Faculty of Education, a Faculty of Science, a Medical School, and a Faculty of Agriculture. 


Okayama University was the first public university with a faculty of sciences focused on environmental issues.

Large-scale environmental problems facing humanity often require technical solutions. These problems include harmonizing people with the natural environment, promoting safety, and improving the natural environment.


Incorporated as a National University Corporation


Okayama was chosen as one of the seven Regional Centers of Expertise (RCE) on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD).

The start of 10 years of ESD (Education for Sustainable development)

Okayama Prefecture was the first region appointed by the UN as a Regional Center of Expertise on Education for Sustainable Development. Okayama University has undertaken a wide range of activities to contribute to not just the environmental sustainability of the surrounding region but also the personal growth and knowledge of local residents. Okayama City has become internationally famous as home to a loose collection of nonprofits, companies, educators and visionaries united by their common vision and passion for sustainable development.


Okayama University was chosen as the first Asian Unesco Chair

Okayama University was chosen as the first Asian Unesco Chair for its role in Education for Sustainable Development. As part of the 10-year SDG plan and beyond, the University's vital role in training a new generation in the skills needed for developing a sustainable society was recognized.


Okayama University won a special prize in the first Japan SDGs Award.

At the first Japan SDGs Award, Okayama University received the special SDGs Partnership prize, which is presented to companies and organizations by the SDGs Promotion Headquarters (headed by the Prime Minister) in recognition for their exceptional efforts in contributing to realizing the SDGs.Evaluated on the various efforts and activities carried out in collaboration with local communities, corporations and NPOs, Okayama University was the sole national or public university to receive an award.

Formulating Okayama University’s SDG Action Guidelines

Okayama University has formulated a set of action guidelines for working to realize the Sustainable Development Goals and lead the way in creating a sustainable society for all.


Establishing Okayama University’s SDGs Promotion Headquarters

Okayama University’s SDGs Promotion Headquarters was established with the twin objectives of promoting an SDG-centered approach to the university’s administration while undertaking initiatives intended to build a stronger and more unified partnership with local and international communities.


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