Medical Education Student Council (Study Abroad Task Force)


Studying abroad and living in a foreign country can help you to understand various cultural differences, which help you to broaden your perspective and understand others. We believe that this experience will be very useful for medical students in becoming physicians and in working as physicians for the rest of their lives. Through this initiative, we aim to increase the number of medical students who take up the challenge of studying abroad in six years.

Objective of Activity

To enable medical students at Okayama University to learn more through study abroad and overseas experiences throughout their six years of study. It also creates opportunities in Japan to engage with people from overseas through online and other means, and provide opportunities for medical students to learn.

Overview of Activity

・Orientation for new students to introduce study abroad programs within Okayama University
・Debriefing on study abroad programs within Okayama University
・Hosting online lectures by healthcare professionals active overseas
・Holding online English study sessions with international students as instructors
・Attend international students
・Website of Medical School Okayama University about study abroad experience and current activities

Expected effects

Through this activity, many students will become interested in studying abroad, and the number of medical students with an international perspective will increase. The number of foreign students who know the advantages of Okayama University will increase.


Study Abroad Task Force of the Medical Student Association of Medical School

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