Frontier School ~Create a secret base for learning in a closed school building~


In recent years, there has been an emphasis in Japan on developing the ability to survive in a complex, uncertain, and rapidly changing society. For this reason, Japan aims to open its educational curriculums to society, but there are educational gaps depending on the region, the school, and even the economic situation of the family. According to an 18-year-old awareness survey conducted by the Nippon Foundation, 48.9% of 18-year-olds feel that there is an educational gap.

Objective of Activity

Based on the above background and educational curriculums open to society, the organization aims to realize "a community where each individual is vibrant and full of individuality and can learn and grow collaboratively. Based on the philosophy of lifelong learning, we develop learning places where "everyone is a teacher" and can learn from each other at every opportunity and place, both in terms of tangible and intangible.

Overview of Activity

In the aspect of tangible learning spaces, we are working to create a "secret learning base" in a closed elementary school building with the cooperation of the local government. University students across Japan discuss the ideal learning place and then actually conduct DIY. In the aspect of intangible learning space development, the "Learn Lab." is planned and operated to develop and provide inquiry-based problem-solving learning programs in collaboration with the local community and businesses.

Expected effects

From the standpoint of social education, promoting curricula that are open to society, which is the goal of the government, can serve as one role model for fostering the ability to survive in a rapidly changing society. By creating an education in which no one is left behind in cooperation and collaboration with government, local communities, businesses, and universities, we realize the kind of community described in our objectives. The results of these efforts have begun to receive recognition, including an award from the prefectural governor.

Frontier School Summary Documentation
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Click here to see the presentation at the 2021 SDGs Ambassadors Online Activity Debriefing.
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