Establishment of a facile synthetic method for pharmaceuticals by efficient utilization of CO2 and evaluation of their pharmacological activities

Social Background

In order to achieve the government's goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to virtually zero by 2050, the development of carbon recycling technology that effectively utilizes carbon dioxide and converts it into useful chemicals is an urgent issue.

Objectives of the Activity

The goal of this research is to realize the flow from carbon dioxide to drug discovery by building a collaborative system with researchers in the fields of science, engineering, agriculture, and pharmacy to promote carbon neutrality.

Outline of the Activity

We aim to develop novel reactions using new catalysis, and furthermore, to establish the flow from carbon dioxide to drug discovery by seamlessly linking organic synthesis to pharmacological activity, and to achieve research results with social impact.

Expected Results

The highly efficient synthesis of pharmaceuticals or drug candidates incorporating carbon dioxide is expected to be a unique approach with a significant social impact in terms of R&D competitiveness as well as carbon neutrality and the SDGs.

Examples of organic compounds using CO2

Drug target molecules

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