Practical English and international education leading to multicultural coexistence -Taking advantage of exchanges with foreign students and guests-

Objectives and activities

   Through classes and programs involving exchanges with foreign students from various countries, our English and international education programs aim to help students recognize the diversity of countries and cultures across the world so as to heighten their interest in global society and cultivate the attitude of valuing communication with others and wanting to understand others’ cultures. At GIFT* lectures, we invite people from overseas or with overseas experience as lecturers and provide opportunities to broaden students’ perspectives in global society.
* Alumni association of the Junior High School Attached to the Faculty of Education, Okayama University, Green International Friendship Teachers Foundation
(Main partner organizations/individuals)

  • Foreign students of Okayama University
  • Okayama University of Science Global Educational Development Center
  • Foreign students of Okayama Institute of Languages
  • JICA Chugoku
  • Okayama City Promotion MICE Department

(Countries of origin of foreign students and guests)
More than 15 countries, including Malaysia, China, Cambodia, Mongolia, Turkey, Kenya, UK, Canada, Uganda and Germany

Expected effects

  • Learning about global society, international collaboration and international contribution
  • Improvement of English communication skills
  • Improvement of motivation to learn English
  • Promotion of intercultural communication skills
  • Promotion of appreciation for one’s birthplace


OKUDA Youichi

KAJIYAMA Kazutoshi

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