Okayama University Signs Cooperative Agreement with Okayama Broadcasting Co., Ltd. to Disseminate Information on SDGs

On October 27, Okayama University signed a comprehensive agreement with Okayama Broadcasting Co., Ltd. (OHK), forming an official partnership with the goal to disseminate information that will contribute to the achievement of the SDGs.  

Under this agreement, Okayama University will collaborate closely with OHK in the fields of media and communication to further promote the SDGs and contribute to an inclusive society with accessible media. Apart from sharing information on our respective efforts to achieve the SDGs, we will also report on local community initiatives with an aim to achieve the SDGs. 

Okayama University President MAKINO Hirofumi and OHK President and CEO NAKASHIZU Keiichiro each made a statement regarding their expectations after signing the agreement in the presence of representatives from both parties.

Afterwards, KATAOKA Yuko, a lecturer at Okayama University Hospital, and TAKESHITA Miho, the manager of OHK's press department, introduced specific initiatives that will be undertaken as part of the agreement with the themes of "Creating a Barrier-Free and Inclusive Information Society for People with Hearing Loss " and "Initiatives Promoting Barrier-Free Information”.

Prior to the signing of this agreement, on September 14, OHK televised a segment about Okayama University Hospital's collaborative efforts in education and medical care for children with hearing loss on its evening news program. The broadcast will form part of a series to promote SDGs initiatives by Okayama University and OHK.  

In consideration of people who are hard of hearing and rely on lip-reading, the participants at the signing ceremony wore transparent face masks.   

OHK President and CEO Nakashizu (left) and Okayama University President Makino (right) signing the agreement
Commemorative photo