Okayama University Improves its Position Remarkably in the 2021 National Survey on University Contribution to Local Communities

Okayama University improved its position in the 2021 National Survey on University Contribution to Local Communities conducted by Nikkei Inc., rising from its rank at thirty-one in 2019 to an impressive fourteen this year. The results were published in Nikkei Global (issue 421) on October 4. Community contribution was ranked after scoring responses to questions in the following categories: university organization and systems; students and residents; industry and government; the university as a workplace; and SDGS and Covid response. 

Our university scored particularly high in the category “SDGs and Covid response”, earning fourteen out of fifteen points and coming in at seventh place nationally. Under “Covid response”, Okayama University was commended for initiatives such as “We aren’t scared of corona! Win-win student project to support Okayama University students and local restaurants”, for its on-campus covid vaccination rollout, for dispatching doctors to prefectural vaccination sites, and for offering tuition fee exemption to students as part of its financial support system. 

As a research university that together creates and nurtures a bright future, we will continue to promote our region’s unique characteristics and strengths. 

<Overview of survey>
The survey was conducted from July to September, targeting 761 universities nationwide. Responses were received from 79 national, 73 public and 514 private universities (response rate 67.5%) and the total score was calculated to determine rankings.