Consortium on Environmental Education by Long-Stay Tourism in Mizushima, Kurashiki

  • 14.Life below water
  • 7.Affordable and clean energy
  • 9.Industry, innovation, infrastructure
  • 11.Sustainable cities and communities
  • 17.Partnerships for the goals

   Okayama University, in cooperation with local companies and the government, is dedicated to promoting unique educational activities in Mizushima area of Kurashiki City since 2013.
   In 2016, Kurashiki City hosted the G7 Education Ministers’ Meeting in which the “Kurashiki Declaration” featuring the importance of Education for Sustainable Development was adopted. With regard to this, Okayama University is collaborating with the city of Kurashiki as well as Mizushima Foundation in projects aimed at revitalizing the community through development of community-based learning (CBL) and human resource courses.
   In 2018, a Consortium on Environmental Education by Long-Stay Tourism was established in Mizushima with the aim of supporting community and education programs through history, culture and natural resources of the area, Takahashi River and the Seto Inland Sea.