Wastewater to food production ~ a new wastewater treatment process

  • 6.Clean water and sanitation
  • 2.Zero hunger
  • 3.Good health and well-being
  • 12.Responsible consumption, production
  • In the future world with more increased population, we will need more food and fertilizer.
  • But, fertilizer reserve is limited, and the fertilizer production causes environmental pollution.
  • Wastewater from increased population will be an another environmental issue.
  • To protect the environment and supply enough food for our children, we have been developing a new wastewater treatment process not only to treat the wastewater but also recover nutrients for fertilizer.
  • More than that, we have been trying to increase the value of the recovered products using microalgae.
    • This microalgae produces astaxanthin, a high value antioxidative red pigment.
    • The pigment can be used as an supplement or an ingredient of fish feed.
  • Our goal is to establish a society in which wastewater treatment is economically beneficial, and resources in wastewater are recovered and recycled for sustainable food production.