Efforts involving new insect pest control technologies utilizing ecological information

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Social background

   Due to global warming and the globalization of distribution, issues with invasive exotic insect pests have become manifest, and considering the serious damage to crops and the environment/ecology, it is important to take countermeasures on a global basis.

Objectives of the activities

   We aim to establish new technologies for insect pest control and plant protection in consideration of the ecological aspects of living organisms by collecting information on invasive insect pests and parasites and their predators.

Overview of activities

   We are studying ecology, behavior, forms, etc. of insect pests and their parasites and predators. By studying the individual characteristics of these organisms, we aim to establish more effective insect pest prevention and extermination technologies than ever before.

Expected effects

   The study results will lead to agroecosystem conservation, reducing poverty and hunger problems and leading to the establishment of innovative industries and technological innovation foundations.

Upper left : Melon fly (agricultural pest)
Upper right: Jumping spider and flour beetle (grain-storage insect)
Lower left : Oriental fruit fly larva parasitic in a passionfruit
Lower right : Drosophila suzukii (fruit pest)