Prevention of illegal plastic waste disposal in floating village ~Approach of waste separation with economic incentive

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Objectives and Activity

   More than a million people are living on boat in Tonle Sap lake, Cambodia. Due to low income they can not obtain waste collection service of local government, thus no way except dumping waste to the lake even if it may cause environmental pollution. Disposed plastic bags and PET bottles flow and settle down along Tonle Sap river and remain for a long time. It may cause blocking ship navigation, impacting fishery and ecosystem, and producing micro plastic particles.  Therefore, plastic waste recycling should be introduced to this area. Our laboratory tackles design and feasibility study of a new sustainable plastic recycling system. Idea in this study is to provide renewable electric power generated by solar panel as economic incentive to the villagers who contribute the recycling.

Future plan

   Implementation project is now considered and applied.

Floating Boat Houses in Chhnok Tru Village on Tonle Sap Lake
Plastic Waste Scattered (Lake Side)
Outline of Plastic Waste Recycling System at Floating Village