Biomass-based deformed high-performance polymer microspheres

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Social background/Objectives of activities

 The goal of transitioning from an oil-dependent society to a sustainable society has become known not only to researchers but also to the general public. However, the objectives and methods for achieving it vary and they are being studied by many researchers from various perspectives. In this research, we aim to prescribe a biomass-based deformed microparticle composed of thermally and mechanically excellent high-performance polymer.

Overview of activities

 Regarding biomass, we paid attention to ferulic acid, which can be extracted from rice bran, and by using this as an ingredient and by the combined use of the polymerization scheme original to the laboratory (Figure 1), we prescribed a dimple-type microparticle with an average diameter of approximately 6 μm that has asperities on the surface (Figure 2). Currently, we aim to clarify the dimple formation mechanism on the microparticle surfaces and control the shape of the asperities using the mechanism.

Expected effects

 We can provide high value-added materials from biomass, contributing to sustainable industrial development.

Figure 1  Synthetic scheme
Figure 2  Polymer microspheres with dimple morphology