Functional role of organisms in terrestrial ecosystems

  • 15.Life on land
  • 13.Climate action
  • 14.Life below water


 Recent increased human activities cause global environmental issues, such as declines of biodiversity and ecosystem functions and spread of invasive species.

Research Interest

 To address these issues, it is important to understand the mechanisms of energy and nutrient flows through ecosystems. We are currently studying the energy and nutrient flows in various forests ranging from tropical to boreal regions. To do this, we focus especially on the isotopic compositions of organisms, which help to track the flows of elements.


 Our results would provide insights into the conservation and restoration of ecosystems and control of invasive species.

One of our study sites, Lambir Hills National Park, Sawarak, Malaysia. This tropical rainforest is one of the places that have the highest biodiversity on the earth. These tropical forests are rapidly disappearing due to human activities.