Climate change impact assessment & adaptation on water-food nexus

  • 13.Climate action
  • 1.No poverty
  • 2.Zero hunger
  • 15.Life on land

Objectives and Activities

   The objective of our research is to assess the impact of global climate change on changes in water resources and agricultural production at regional scale.  Using Big Data on earth observation as well as conducting field survey and in-situ observation, physically downscaled information on present and future climate/weather are being simulated and analyzed for regional-scale prediction of rainfall and water resources. For the assessment of food production, available water production, available water resources for agriculture are being assessed in consideration of water-rerated disaster management and water allocation among other stakeholders by developing and applying several numerical models.

Future plan 

   We are aiming to apply the developed tool (models) for various regions in the world for the assessment of future water resources & food in each region.