A low carbon society by high-biomass barley

  • 13.Climate action
  • 2.Zero hunger

  Barley is mainly used for food, brewing and feed, as well as plastic, paper and ethanol production. Furthermore, since the straw  contains high-quality cellulose, the entire plant can be used for biomass production.
 In order to further enhance this biomass production, we are developing a barley breeding technology that utilizes hybrid vigor. Hybrid vigor is a phenomenon in which the production of hybrid individual exceeds the parents, and is used in a breeding technology that improves biomass. In this study, we develop barley hybrid varieties capable of high biomass production by flowering mutation found originally, and promote carbon dioxide fixation by expanding habitat including unfavorable environment.
 The goal is to develop barley, which has an excellent hybrid vigor, by utilizing flowering mutations to increase the efficiency of cultivation without new resource investment and ensure biomass production in an unfavorable environment associated with the expansion of cultivation areas. We aim to fix carbon dioxide by high-biomass barley.

Barley biomass productionHybrid barley
Hybrid barley breeding system for high-biomass