Understanding and altering epigenome regulation in plants

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Background and objectives

Epigenome regulation means regulation of gene expression through change of chromatin higher-order structures other than the DNA base sequence, such as DNA methylation and histone modification. We aim to freely regulate gene expression without changing the DNA base sequence by clarifying the epigenome regulation mechanism to alter it.

Overview of activities

We are conducting a study to clarify the epige
nome regulation mechanism in plants and tech
nology developent to alter the genomic status of
 specific genes by using a genetic approach in Arabidopsis, liverworts, crops, etc.

Expected effects

By altering epigenome modification, it is possible to induce a reversible change in the expression of a specific gene without changing the DNA base sequence, and by using this technology, it is expected that useful crop varieties will be able to be developed and fostered. This technology will make it possible to produce varieties responding to environmental change, industrially useful varieties, etc., thereby contributing to the SGDs.