IoT Security Research for Sustainable Future Innovation

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 Internet of Things (IoT), indisputably the most futuristic technology, that will lead the more smarter life we’ve ever enjoyed. However, it brings new security challenge’s for researchers to address. Since the IoT devices are limited in computational resources, that makes them nonoperational with existing security protocols.
 ISec Lab. members continuously working to address this issue in collaboration with Pusan National University, Korea and University Rennes 1, France. Several innovative mathematical improvements that can be efficiently applied in low powered devices have been published last few years.
IoT devices are easy to emit electromagnetic noises while computing. This causes the attackers to exploit information breach e.g. obtain the password from the pattern of the noise signal. In ISec, we work on finding such vulnerabilities on potential IoT devices. The cutting-edge techniques we applied to ensure information security will lead resilient and sustainable internet infrastructure.

IoT Device Authentication
Password obtained in binary bit pattern observed from device noise in decryption stage.