Actualization of diversified environment through educational activity of sexual minority

  • 4.Quality education
  • 5.Gender equality
  • 10.Reduced inequalities

 Many talk sessions and educational seminars are held every year aiming to create an environment in university where the sexual minority are able to spend their campus life without being judged or discriminated, and to think about ways to support those people in universities or educational organizations by gaining and deepening correct knowledge about sexual minority.
We are trying to advance to a society and community where people with various characteristics are able to live easily through deepening the understanding about sexual minority, and by thinking about how to involve with them, how to support them, and how to solve the problems surrendering them.
<Events planned>
・Talk session by sexual minority “Problem of visualization between Japanese society and LGBT”
・Introduction of sexual minority related books and exhibition of educational panels held at the school library
・Distribution of a special number of the magazine “Students’counseling room”

< Talk Session >
  < Exhibition of Panels >
 < Exhibition at Library>