Contract analysis for Regional Collaboration

  • 9.Industry, innovation, infrastructure
  • 4.Quality education
  • 8.Decent work and economic growth

Objectives of activity

 In a society where working population is steadily on the decline, technological innovation is craved for higher efficiency in production  and  for realizing sustainable economic growth. However, it is now evident that such a technological break-through can hardly be achieved by an individual company.
 Therefore, companies, public research institutes, and universities are encouraged to launch a platform for innovation across boundaries of interests and interests, and expectations are high for open innovation that can share the results.

Outline of Activities

 The Analysis and Measurement Division, Okayama University supports companies and public research facilities by supporting  research and development through analytical apparatus and high skills of faculty and technical staff, who manages analytical instruments and their operation plus analysis skills supported by the university. To the regional industry, the triangle provides an open research and development site by offering technology and information, and the activity of developing goods as the core of the regional industry sector.

Expected effect

 The division provides a common platform of innovation for regional industries, facility of university, cooperation and regional government can collaborate. The research activity and technological innovation of the local community. The facility also promotes the education and skill training of graduate students by launching the Student Meister system.