DNA Technology for Healthy Life

  • 3.Good health and well-being
  • 6.Clean water and sanitation
  • 9.Industry, innovation, infrastructure
  • 11.Sustainable cities and communities


DNA is a major genetic material among almost all lives, and it is always damaged by various cytotoxic factors in/out of cell. DNA technologies such as DNA repair will be important in healthy life against aged society with a low birth rate and environment pollution.


All lives have DNA repair ability. I find useful activities from those repair enzymes and the related proteins, and I commit arrival at healthy world.


We can utilize some DNA repair enzymes to detect DNA damage. Therefore, I study the methods to evaluate biological effect of environment with DNA repair enzymes. Also, I study both DNA targeting treatments and pest controls with using of DNA repair enzymes.

Anticipated results

This study leads arrival of healthy world without sickness such as cancer. I will elucidate biological effect of various environment pollutants, and research method to prevent those from hurting.

DNA damage detection system with DNA repair enzymes


Water purification scheme of discharged plasma for DNA damaging