Providing children admitted to the university hospital with opportunities to receive education on cultural property

  • 4.Quality education

Social background

As it is necessary to build a society where all people have opportunities to receive high-quality education, education on cultural property is often provided as part of lifelong learning. However, there are people who have difficulty gaining access to these opportunities.

Objectives of the activities

We intend to provide children who have lost the opportunity to not only go to school but also receive a diverse education due to hospitalization at the university hospital with the opportunity to learn the history that is close to them through the results of surveys on the Shikata ruins, which is located within the premises of Okayama University Hospital.

Overview of activities

We introduced the history of the Shikata ruins with images. To have the children gain a feeling of closeness to the ruins and the history of the place, we arranged an interaction with the children using a mascot of the Shikata ruins named Shikatan.

Expected effects

Using the mascot, the children were able to listen to the lecture with interest, producing an educational effect.

Many patients admitted to the hospital, regardless of age and sex, listened to the lecture.
Children admitted to the hospital came closer to the mascot of the Shikata ruins named Shikatan.