Inter-disciplinary community research in a mountainous village

  • 11.Sustainable cities and communities
  • 3.Good health and well-being
  • 10.Reduced inequalities
  • 17.Partnerships for the goals


   OU conducted inter-disciplinary village research in the 1950s. OU now seeks to develop a research methodology to investigate the complex and inter-connected social issues, and to achieve the SDGs by re-visiting one of the villages in mountainous northern Okayama.


   Collaborating with Hashimoto Foundation, 10+ OU researchers from different academic background (agricultural economics, geology, education, design, public health, and community studies) conduct an inter-disciplinary community research, focusing on the livelihood and economy, surrounding environment, health and welfare, and communal ties.

Expected outcomes

   The research shall present how the well-being of people and community can be
made possible in a rural community. It also
propose how academic institutions may
contribute to social issues and the SDGs through

The village 70 years ago
The village now
interview with a villager