The pursuit of complete therapy of cancer

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Social background

 Cancer is one of the serious diseases with high death rate. In spite of the recent progress of medicine, the complete therapy is not established yet. Our new way of approach to investigate the mechanism of cancer initiation will accumulate new finding and new knowledge to develop the effective therapy leading to precision medicine.

Overview of the activity

 Various types of cancer stem cells become artificially available by the conversion of iPSCs, which are reprogramed from normal cells, under the microenvironment exerted by cancer cells. We are the pioneer to provide our cancer stem cells to all over the world to contribute to the research and development of quintessentially effective therapy.

Expected effects

 Cancer stem cells developed from normal cells have the potential to be converted in to all types of cancer cells. Developing the therapeutic methods against each type of cancer cell, technology and knowledge will be accumulated to obtain all the therapy against all types of cancer.

Process of Cancer initiation
Concept of the useage of CSC-collection