Farmland recovery from Tsunami by barley

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Tsunami damages the farmland by flooding salty sea water. Barley is very tolerant to salt but sensitive to wet soil condition. To develop candidate strains of salt tolerance and flooding tolerance two lines each were selected by crossing the line with the highest salt and flooding tolerances among the barley strains preserved in Okayama University and the variety with good brewing quality.

Moderately salt tolerant cultivar from Okayama University "Haruna Nijo HKI" has been grown at inland town of Miyagi Prefecture in 2015 and 2016 which are used to brew “Recovery Ale”.

This preliminary success encouraged the production of this cultivar, and salt and flooding tolerant lines at Tsunami damaged field. The products are now used to brew local beer “Letters of Recovery” in Okayama. This beer has a small donation and may create a system to support the barley production in Miyagi.