Training human resources for river conservation through biological survey named “UNAGI expedition”

  • 4.Quality education
  • 14.Life below water
  • 15.Life on land
  • 17.Partnerships for the goals


    The survey has been carried out since 2012, but the construction in 2016 may have affected the environment. We will continue the survey to assess the change of river environment.


   This intensive course for the Faculty of Sciences aims to:

  1. learn how to survey ichthyofauna at a fixed point of the river.
  2. take part for the event “UNAGI expedition”, which is a public-participation survey, and perform environmental education to the children.
  3. train the students to be as the next generation of preserving the environment and as a leader of environmental education.


  1. Biological survey at Myojo weir, Asahi river.
  2. Lecture on the method of biological survey and river conservation in cooperation with Kaifu lab., Chuo University.
  3. The survey is carried out together with regional citizens as an public-participation event. The students learn the importance of the cooperation between experts and non-experts in order to preserve the river environment.
Public-participation survey “UNAGI expedition” at Asahi river
Training the students as a leader of environmental education