Effective recovery of methane from methane hydrate and storage of various gases in clathrate hydrates

  • 7.Affordable and clean energy
  • 13.Climate action
  • 14.Life below water


To exploit effective utilization of water ubiquitously distributed on the earth as an energy resource from the viewpoints of energy cycle and mining of chemical energy.

  • Recovery of methane from methane hydrate
  • Development of an environmentally friendly approach for hydrogen and ozone storage in clathrate hydrates

Present activities

  • Establishing theoretical methods to estimate the thermodynamic stability of  methane and hydrogen hydrates only from the intermolecular interactions
  • Elucidation of the formation and dissociation mechanisms of methane and CO2 hydrates by large scale computer simulations
  • Exploration of the structure and stability of semiclathrates for utilization as cooling materials 

Future prospects 

  • Exploration of hydrophobic effects in conjunction with the stability of clathrate hydrates
  • Theoretical prediction for the stability of N2 and CO hydrates under cryogenic conditions contributing to planetary sciences
Methane hydrate abundant in the ocean floors around Japan known as burning ice
【upper】Methane hydrate structure
【lower】Large scale simulation of melting of methane hydrate using the K computer