Seto Inland Sea: Community Based Research and Educational Projects with Community Partners

  • 11.Sustainable cities and communities
  • 8.Decent work and economic growth
  • 9.Industry, innovation, infrastructure

Objectives and Overview

 In Seto Inland Sea region rooted in a rich natural and socio-Economic environment and structure, we aim to cultivate civic-Entrepreneurs that crosses basic science and social practice. Local leaders of public-private partnership are positioned as community partners to conduct collaborative learning projects with students.
 At the UNOICHI (Uno Port Marche), our students promoted Teshima Island mandarins as a symbol of recovery from the industrial waste disposal incident. We have also started investigation of the Tourism Campaign at Shimanami Bridges. The area has recently been known as one of the world’s seven major cycling courses (CNN). Currently planned is a comprehensive interview survey for local governments and residents about the process.


A systematic scheme of community based research and educational projects with community partners
Pictures from ‘UNOICHI’ project in 2018
Comparative viewpoints to contrast two national infrastructure development projects: Seto-Ohashi Bridge and Shimanami Bridges