Career-supporting Practical Education System for Environmental Leaders

  • 4.Quality education
  • 11.Sustainable cities and communities
  • 14.Life below water
  • 15.Life on land

The Faculty of Environmental Science and Technology provides the Career-supporting Practical Education System for bringing up the students as leaders to challenge  environmental issues. The aim of this system is to promote the students awareness of environmental specialist, and to make their careers to work for the society by the contribution for environmental improvement after graduation.

This system starts from 1st grade students and they learn what the environmental science and technology is, including environmental ethics. And it provides the various field works as a class of “Exercises for SDGs and ESD” with the collaboration of Okayama city office promoting ESD. In these field works, the students learn environmental  Issues and think how to build the sustainable society.

   Further, a new class of “Foundation of SDGs and ESD” was opened for the better understanding. After the 2nd grade, the students study how to create their careers through the lectures on career, symposiums on environmental issues, job seminars and consulting provided by the career support office of this faculty. Recently, the consultations about the career change of graduated students increases, and this system supports the whole life career of the students.