Training scientists who understand the environment from the perspective of earth science and biology

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Background and Aims

  In today's globalized society, there is an increasing demand for scientists with a broad perspective and expertise. At the Faculty of Science, we conduct a geo-biology field trip for undergraduate students on the islands of Hawaii and Oahu. The aim of this field trip is to develop human resources with a global perspective by comparing the environments of Japanese and Hawaiian Islands. Students will be able to recognize the diversity of the environment and culture and develop the ability to reconsider the universality of the world through the international and interdisciplinary experiences gained in the field trip.


 The field trip has been conducted since 2017 Mauna Kea, located on the island of Hawaii, is an active volcano and one of the world's best sites for astronomical observations, which provides a good field for learning volcanology, astronomy, and ecology. The island of Oahu has rich marine resources and is a large tourist resort at the same time, and Sea Grant program of the University of Hawaii is working on a sustainable activity to take balance between nature preservation and economic activity. The field trip include interdisciplinary practice on environmental studies, marine biology, and cultural conservation in cooperation with the University of Hawaii.

Watching lava flow on the surface (Hawaii Island)
Taro field conservation project (Oahu Island)