Water Environment Specialists Incubated from the Sunny Country

  • 4.Quality education
  • 6.Clean water and sanitation
  • 14.Life below water
  • 15.Life on land

Objectives (for the first and the second grade students)

  1. To learn how to understand and analyze the complicated natural environment through field survey of meteorological, water quality and vegetation conditions.
  2. To study current status of environmental activities by governmental and non-governmental groups, and to consider effects of their activities on environmental conservation.
  3. To develop “water environment specialists” who can capture the environment from a broad perspective and solve local and international environmental problems.


  1. Meteorological observation, water quality analysis, botanical and biological survey at Kojima Lake area, and field experiment and observation at the water circulation facilities on the campus.
  2. Lectures and field survey conducted by environmentalists invited from governmental agencies and environment conservation groups. The students participate in and/or organize forums, workshops and field surveys related with environmental issues.
  3. The environmental learning program conducted in Kasetsart University in Thailand, and field survey of environmental problems at surrounding regions of the university.
  4. “International practical environmental education program for development of global human resources” conducted in Okayama. Undergraduate students of Kasetsart University in Thailand join this program, and Japanese and Thai students consider international environmental conservation together by comparison between environmental issues in Japan and those in Thailand.
Maintenance of an artificial stream for breeding fireflies(Firefly Project)