Okayama University SDGs Ambassadors hosted SDGs Ambassador Workshop for the first time

The first Okayama University SDGs Ambassador Workshop was held at the Okayama University Library on January 20, 2020, by Okayama University SDGs Ambassadors.

Some Okayama University SDGs Ambassadors planned and organized the workshop and invited other Okayama University SDGs Ambassadors to participate in it.

The workshop began with an explanation of the background behind holding the workshop and how to proceed with the workshop. Participants were then divided into three groups according to the SDGs they were interested in. Through group meetings, the members shared knowledge and experience in activities toward achievement of the SDGs, and based on that, they then talked about what they would like to do as SDGs ambassadors. They next deepened their discussions in the hope that what they obtained from the talks would help them take new concrete actions. At the end of the workshop, all participants shared the contents of the discussions in individual group meetings and were introduced to a number of tools that would help them in the future further deepen their discussions both with other members of their own groups and with members of other groups and share information on their activities with each other.

Participants had high levels of satisfaction with the workshop, which encouraged them to actively engage in activities for achieving the SDGs. We hope that Okayama University’s SDGs action and promotion will accelerate through Okayama University SDGs Ambassadors’ activities.


A scene of the workshop 1
A scene of the workshop 2
A scene of the workshop 3
Okayama University SDGs Ambassadors